What is POGO?

Jeff Chan -

POGO is system for obtaining superior insight into turf conditions, allowing better decisions to be made more efficiently and cost effectively, and ultimately resulting in healthier turf. The Pogo system is made up of the POGO portable wireless sensor, the free POGO smartphone/tablet app, and the POGO Turf Pro Cloud analytics system.

The three most influential soil parameters which contribute the most impact on turfgrass health: moisture, salinity (electrical conductivity) and temperature. The POGO system provides measurement of all three simultaneously, and very easily using a rugged hardware device and the smartphone you already own. All captured data is immediately available on-site for immediate decisions and is synchronized with a cloud-based analysis application which visually identifies good or bad trends and tells you what you need to do and when.

The POGO is not just a tool that measures moisture, temp and salinity. It is a system that captures every important variable that goes in to every day decision-making. Those three variables happen to be at the heart of the agronomy focus of the turf system, but many other features we offer are at the heart of course conditioning and operational management. They are all equally valuable to the superintendent and turf manager.