There is a green dot off the coast of Africa on my map...why?

Carmen -

That is location plotted with a GPS location of latitude 0, longitude 0. This is the default GPS location for any sample that does not have a GPS coordinate assigned to it. This happens when the POGO does not have a GPS fix (can't obtain GPS coordinates for it's current location).
Confirm that there is a green GPS status indicator on the bottom left of the sample page (and the number should be 9 satellites or more). If there is a red 'x' then the POGO is not generating a GPS position. If the badge has a number less than 9 then there the POGO may know it's location, but not down to the sub-meter level. It sometimes takes up to 10 minutes for POGO to see more than 9 satellites.
If the badge remains red, try moving to a wide-open location with no trees or buildings around, and leave the POGO on with the app open for 15 minutes. If the POGO is still not generating a GPS signal, it is possible that the GPS chip or power board has come loose internally in the POGO. We can advise on how to check that if that is the case.
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