How do I set up multiple users?

Carmen -

If you are an account administrator you can add additional users by following these steps:

  1. After logging in at, click your name (top right corner), then click User Settings.
  2. Click the Add User button. You can then add the name and email and pick a permission level:
  • Admin can do everything on your account (including deleting things).
  • Tech can do most everything except delete things.
  • Staff can only view things (read-only).

Note that when setting up additional users, make sure you check the box next to your course(s) to allow them access to that course. This feature is in place primarily for properties that have multiple courses where they want to limit which course each user operates. But even if you only have one course, you still need to check the box.

Once you add the new users, each will receive an email to set their password. They will also need to download the app and enter their username and password into the app to log in.

Once they synchronize the first time, all course information will be in downloaded to each user's app.

Finally, make sure none of the other users adds a course or zones to your account that are already set up. Otherwise, you will end up with double course names or zones. All each user has to do is sync their app to the cloud and your data will download to their individual devices to use in sync with each other.  

Multiple users should not set up anything that is already done in the main account. For this reason, each new user should be instructed to synchronize the app immediately after logging in the first time. This way they will immediately have access to all courses, zones, and other data that has already been set up in the account.