How can the public access my Pin Sheet report?

Carmen -

POGO Turf Pro Cloud enables you to create a link to today's pin sheet report that you may share with your club, members, or anyone who you wish to share your course setup with. They don't require a login in order to access the pin sheet report, and they are prevented from  accessing any other information in your account.

There is a unique URL for each course. To find the URL to share, first select a course after you have logged in at Then click Setup in the top navigation bar on the right side. You'll be taken to the course setup screen where you'll see the Public section containing the course's unique public URL and a QR code for it.


This URL is a link to the Pin Sheet report with data from the current day.

You can also include the same QR code on the Pin Sheet report when you print one.

Some properties will use this by having a TV in the pro shop displaying the pin sheet page from the link. It refreshes every 5 minutes automatically. Once you upload the pin settings for the day, they will appear on this monitor. The Pro shop or any user can also print this pin sheet from the link.