Why is the GPS not very accurate sometimes?

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Sometimes, after recording a zone boundary, the boundary can appear incorrect on the map.

This can happen if you don't have sub-meter GPS precision when boundaries are set up or if you walk too fast when setting up the boundaries.

It's better to redo the zone boundaries rather than mapping the course all over again. When you set a new boundary on an existing zone, it overwrites the old one. 

Make sure the GPS indicator (bottom left corner of the screen when you're recording your boundary) has a green badge containing 9 or higher. This is the number of GPS satellites the POGO currently sees—if fewer you will not have enough precision in your GPS location.  

When you are taking location samples, it is good practice to pause a second after every sample. POGO receives satellite signals about every 2 seconds. So you want to be sure the POGO is not lagging behind you if you are moving very fast.
Here are some general tips on getting the best GPS precision:
  • Always keep the POGO on with a view of the sky throughout the day, or at least until all sampling is completed for a particular session of sampling all zones. many people will mount the POGO in a length of 2” PVC irrigation pipe, which is mounted to their cart. It makes for a nice holder and transport system and protects the POGO very well.
  • Walk slowly when setting your boundary. One step and no more than 2 steps per second is a good pace. Tap the Get GPS button about every one to two seconds when walking the perimeter.
  • When taking soil samples or when recording the position of a property feature (sprinkler, valve, drain, etc.), pause a moment or two before taking the sample to allow the precision of the POGO's GPS to be as accurate as possible.
  • Note that even if you are showing 9 or more satellites, wires, trees, buildings and even the time of day can show variance as the position of satellites can skew a bit in the sky depending on various parts of the world you may be operating. These are normal variations in GPS and not due to the performance of the POGO. However, if you follow the above tips, you should have sub-meter accuracy at nearly all times. 

To redo a recorded boundary, go to "Property Features" in the app and then Zone. Tap the zone you wish to redo a boundary for.





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